What’s new in Passport for 2012?

What’s new in Passport for 2012?

This year has brought about a number of new Passport features as follows:

Passport 12.01

This latest update has a number of new features that include:

  • More Graphics Screens throughout the software.
  • New Options Tab Access that links to the Navigator feature.  This allows access to G/L source cross-reference data associated with a document.  An example of this is accessing a customer master record, viewing Invoice history, and then drilling-down to the G/L distribution detail for that particular document.
  • Faster look-ups, and one-click column sorting using either Ascending or Descending order.
  • New F7 Calendar look-up window for date fields.
  • New Payroll 941 report form.

The Passport version 12.01 is available as part of you normal software subscription service.

Passport SQL

The upgraded version of Passport uses the familiar Passport Version 12.01 as the front-end, however, the MS SQL database software is used on the back-end to manage the data.

Passport recommends installing PBS SQL on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, running Enterprise, Standard or Express editions platforms. PBS SQL also runs on Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Many 3rd party applications are capable of reading the data directly out of Passports data tables and column.  This means more flexibility for data maintenance, data mining and reporting functions. Examples of this would be products such as MS Excel, MS Access, Crystal Reports, Visual Basic.

The Passport SQL software version is available at a reduced cost to existing Passport version 12.01 (or earlier) users who are current on their software subscription service.

Please contact the CCS Retail Systems Sales Department for more information Passport 12.01 and Passport SQL.

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