Keeping ALL Your Software Up To Date

Missing Software Update Risks 

It is important to make sure ALL of the software on your PC is updated, including browsers, Anti-Virus, camera and phone software, etc.

The reason I bring this up is, recently a customer updated their POS software and then had issues with certain functions.  Part of the cause was the way the updated software changed how it was doing look-ups.  The software started using a specialized service to enhance the view.  But because of old anti-virus software, the specialized service was being marked as malicious and not allowed to run.  The anti-virus software did not even log that it was blocking this
service from finishing its job.

Having multiple stores, where some were working and some were not, made troubleshooting this more difficult.  A pattern was found and we were able to narrow the problem down to the version of the anti-virus software installed on the machines the were not working.  Even though the anti-virus software was doing its job, it hampered the ability to use a piece of the POS software which was extensively used to look up past product sales performance.

As far as why a newer version of anti-virus saw this as a threat likely had to do with the way viruses have evolved over the years.  Anti-virus software looks for patterns of other know malicious software to make a decision if an unknown file or services is malicious.  In this case it was a false positive which was corrected in the new version of the anti-virus software.

As you can see having the latest version of software can eliminate a lot of frustration for both the users and your support team.

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