Fake Alert Trojan disguised as a UPS Quantum View Notification

Fake Alert Trojan disguised as a UPS Quantum View Notification

There is a new variant of the Fake Alert Trojan making the rounds that is disguised as what appears to be a legitimate UPS Quantum View shipping status update Notification.

While the spam associated with it appears to be random, it may be targeting primarily email addresses with business extensions.  Rather than having the more common infected attachment, this email has an embedded URL link, that when clicked on, takes you to a web site that installs the Trojan virus on your computer.

If you have up-to-date Anti-Virus software, it should be picking-off the virus.  Depending on your settings, it should either be quarantining or deleting the email. This should be considered your first line of defense.  However, if you normally receive legitimate UPS Quantum notifications, you can also do the following to help further protect yourself against an infection:

  • You can set your mail client to not automatically open any mail when viewed.  This means that you would have to double-click on it to open it and actually read it..
  • You can set-up a separate email folder and establish mail rule that allows routing of all UPS source mails (including spoofed mails) to this specific folder.
  • If you suspect that the mail may not be legitimate mail, you can access your custom  folder, and then do a single left-mouse-click on the mail entry, and then view the  properties (to determine if the sources is actually spoofed).  If desired, the suspect  mail can then be deleted without having physically opened it or having clicked on the embedded link.

If you need assistance with configuring the above solution, or if you need  assistance with updating your Anti-Virus software, please contact the CCS  Retail Systems Support Department.


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