Son of Stuxnet – Coming to your network soon

Son of Stuxnet – Coming to your network soon

Researchers have recently uncovered a new variant of the Stuxnet Worm Virus.  This variant has been dubbed "W32.Duqu" by Symantec, The original Stuxnet Worm was seen as unprecedented because of  it’s complexity and the potential ability to physically sabotage physical control systems for many varied types of businesses worldwide. 

W32.Duqu appears to share many of the same traits as the original Stuxnet Worm, however, it’s primary goal appears to be as an information gather tool on potential targets for future Cyber attacks.  This variant is primarily designed to record keystrokes and to gather other sensitive data on company networks for businesses running industrial control software, and then send that information back to the whatever person or group initiated the planting of the Worm.

Although no one has claimed responsibility for either of the Worms, it is rumored to be that it was likely created by a nation state such as the United States or Israel, as it was originally found on  only on Iranian Nuclear Refining and Nuclear power plant control servers.

The major concern here is that in the wrong hands, a tools such as this could be modified by hackers in such a way that it could wreak havoc on other industries such as agribusiness, shipping, distribution, and retailers.

Does your system currently have protection against such Worms?

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