CP Mobile FAQ’s

CP Mobile FAQ’s

What exactly is CP Mobile?

CPMobile is the suite of mobile solution applications offered by Radiant Systems on the Apple iPod Touch and iPhone platforms.  CPMobile accesses the CounterPoint SQL Database. The initial release includes two applications, Item Look-up and POS.  CPMobile Item Look-up scans or looks up an items information such as price and inventory status.  CPMobile POS provides for remote/mobile point of sale checkout including item scanning and credit card payment. Subsequent applications will focus on back-office and inventory functions.

What features will initially be supported with Item Look-up tool?

A variety of information can be viewed for specific items.  Look-ups can be based on item number or descriptions. Keyboard entry of numbers or descriptions, scanning a barcode the sled, or capturing the barcode via the devices camera.  Item information available for viewing includes:

  • Item Number
  • Description
  • Price 1
  • Category
  • Sub-category
  • Stocking Unit
  • Tracking*
  • Inventory (quantity on hand) by store.  This includes:

          Quantity on Hand
          Quantity available 
          Quantity committed
           Quantity on purchase orders
           Quantity on order
           Quantity on back-order
           Quantity on layaway
           Quantity on transfer out
           Quantity on transfer in
           Minimum quantity
           Maximum quantity

           *If the item is a Gridded item, an additional view is available showing inventory details by item

What features will be initially supported in POS?

The CP Mobile POS will initially offer online ticketing and payment capabilities including the ability to: 

  • Securely login as a CounterPoint SQL cashier from anywhere on the in-store network, or remotely.
  • You can dynamically look-up & assign customers to the transaction, include adding customers on-the-fly .
  • Editing of basic customer info also supported (name, phone, e-mail)
  • Quickly scan barcode items to begin transaction
  • Search and add items to the transaction based on main-tab item description
  • Ability to assign serial numbers to transaction items
  • Adjust quantities as needed
  • Adjust SKUs within the transaction, including color & size
  • Price overrides(dollar amount) with reason codes
  • Returns with reason codes
  • Delete items from the transaction
  • Finalize payment with secure credit card swipe (integrated credit card configuration is required in CounterPoint)
  • Capture a customers signature on the device
  • Print to remote Blue Tooth or CounterPoint server network printers for  receipts or admission tickets
  • E-mail receipts to customer on file or walk-in customer. You can also send to secondary e-mail for that specific transaction
  • Hold a transaction with reference note for recall on a POS register
  • Regular pricing rules and alternative selling units supported

For more information on pricing and feature availability, please contact CCS Retail Systems.

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