E-receipts – The New Norm?

Using e-Receipts

Even though I meticulously track everything I buy by checking off the items purchased on every receipt, I must admit that I am becoming frustrated with the length of the receipts given to me in check-out lanes. While I am trying to quickly fold a long, curly receipt and put it away in my wallet, the person behind me in line is impatiently waiting for me to get out of the way! I know that the receipt may be required if I need to check the accuracy of my purchases, return something, if I need proof of a warranty, or if I want to take the store’s online customer satisfaction survey. Often, however, the receipt if filed away somewhere and can’t be found later when needed.

In addition, all that paper and ink must be costing companies a fortune. The receipts waste precious resources and will wind up eventually in a landfill, further polluting our environment.  There ought to be a simpler way to solve these problems!

This is where e-receipts come into the picture. It is now possible for stores to send those receipts to your computer or mobile device electronically. Imagine being able to side-step all those paper receipts, but still have all that information available on your computer, organized for easy reference when needed!

Apple and Lamps Plus have been using e-receipts for the last few years. Now other retailers like Nordstrom, Office Depot, Sears, and Whole Foods are following the trend. As mobile payments and transactions become more widely used, e-receipts are becoming the norm. The National Retail Federation estimates that sixty percent of U.S. retailers will offer e-receipts within five years.

Remember that no paper means less destruction of trees   e-Receipts helps maintain a strong environmental preservation imperative.

CounterPoint offers you the option of either printing receipts or emailing them to customers. If you would like more information about this cost-cutting technology, we’re here to answer your questions. The number is 800-672-4806 or email us. 

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