Frequent Email Marketing Mistakes

Follow These Tips To Increase Your Email Marketing Success

Long and Boring Subject Line
 ~ Be short and concise (maximum length of 45 characters including spaces)
 ~ Ask yourself:
    – Does the subject line create urgency?
    – Does it correctly explain what’s in the email?
    – Does it tell the customer what’s in it for them?
 ~ Set expectations in the subject line and fulfill them in the body to increase click rates.

Unrecognizable From Address
 ~ Consumers look at the From line when deciding whether or not to open an email.
    – Identify yourself and your business in a way your customers will recognize.
    – Use a name ( – not

Too Much Information
~ Make the body short and concise (this is an attention grabber – not a thesis).
~ Keep important information at the top of the email.
    – Can the customer get all the information needed from the first section of the email?
    – Remember the purpose in sending this email.

Not Optimizing for Mobile
~ People are relying on mobile devices to view email more and more. Optimize it for mobile.
    – Shorter content.
    – Earlier call to action.
    – Include full URLs in plain text.
    – Include your phone number and address at the top of the page.

"Click Here" links
~ Use words as links instead of "Click Here" text.
    – Register now to earn….
    – Shop now to save on….
    – Get 3 additional….
~ Links should be above the fold, meaning they should be visible without scrolling.

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