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CounterPoint Sales Analysis

Your bottom line is in many ways influenced by your ability to stay informed about the daily, even hourly, activity of your business.  By using reports, you are able to record and review such information as peak sales times of the day, profit, profit percentage, discounts, who your best customers are, and when and how they buy.  With this information in hand, better decisions can be made about your business based on past results.

CounterPoint’s Sales Analysis by Hour of Day report allows you to see peak times of the day for the date range selected. This allows you to plan, for example, when extra help may be needed during certain hours of the day and at what times reduced staff would be appropriate.  Decisions such as these could greatly reduce labor costs.

CounterPoint’s Sales Analysis by Group report allows you to view historical ticket sales information, including optional pie charts.  More than 120 different groupings are possible, allowing analysis of sales activity at the category level.  Even “theoretical” sales can be shown—as if all goods had been sold at the retail price.

Reports make it easier to plan for the future.  CounterPoint POS Software has the reports that you need to increase your profits.  Call us today at 800-672-4806 or email us for more information.

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