Complex Passwords

Using Complex Passwords

More and more websites and software applications are now requireing you to use a complex password.  Complex meaning at least 7 characters long, using upper and lower case letters, and some even requiring that at least 1 number is used.

Like you, Im not a big fan of having to come up with some long password Ill probably forget tomorrow.  But I have found and easy way for you to come up with that password with the help of Microsoft. I’ve just read that Microsoft’s Hotmail email service is no longer going to allow "easy" or "common" passwords like "1234" or "password" to log into your account, and will make you change it.

Here is what they recommend to help you come up with a "complex" password. 

Steps Suggestion Example
Start with a sentence or 2 (about 10 words) Think of something meaningful to you Long and complex passwords are safest
Turn your sentence into a row of letters use the first letter of each word lacpas
add complexity Make only the first half of the alphebet uppercase lACpAs
add legnth with numbers add 2 numbers that have meaning to you lAC89pAs
add legnth with punctuation put a punctuation mark at the beginning ?lAC89pAs
add legnth with symbols put a symbol at the end ?lAC89pAs"

There, we now have a 10 character complex password using upper and lower case letters, punctuation, and symbols that has meaning to you so you can remember and be hard for someone to guess.

Although my chart is not exactly like was shown, I think you can get the picture here.  A link to the article can be found here.

It also has a "Password checker" to see if your password is strong enough.

As an alternative you may want to consider a password generator and keeper program such as Keepass.  These can help automate generation of several types of complex passwords and remember them for you.

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