Startup utilities

There are some useful startup profiling and management utilities available for machines running Windows operating systems

There are some useful utilities available for machines running Windows operating systems. These will allow you to check, and adjust, which programs are starting automatically when you log into windows.

There are several different methods to automatically start a program when Windows starts, or a user logs in.  Having a utility that finds all of these and reports them greatly simplifies things.  Instead of having to dig through the registry, and possibly miss programs, you are presented with a concise list of all the programs starting.  To be complete the utility should consider all the registry areas and the windows program scheduler that is user configurable.

Most will also let you select which programs you actually want to start.  One that I turn off if it is on, is the Windows Messenger.  Most people do not use this, and it is a gateway for spammers to use to send pop-up messages, as well as a potential security hole.  Others that I often turn off are automated update facilities for some of the installed software.  If it is something that I use very rarely.  I turn off the automated updates, and use my own schedule to check for updates.  Realplayer is one that comes to mind here.

Of course, finding malware and viruses is another big benefit of these startup program profiling utilities.  You may, or may not, be able to disable a virus using these, but at least you can find it, and find what program it is actually starting.

By trimming the number of programs that start automatically the time that it takes your system to be fully ready can be reduced if any of them are lengthy.   Take a look at these startup program pro filers.  A couple of good shareware ones are: Ccleaner, and Glary Utilities.  

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