Shall We Dance?

Do you use background music in your store? If you don’t, you should try it.

Music can be as much a part of your store design as paint, fixtures or flooring. It can set the mood that you want your customers to have while they’re shopping with you. Do you want them relaxed? pumped-up? happy? edgy? excited? confident? Music can be the key. And it doesn’t have to be expensive!

Understand What Music You Can Play Without Paying Artist Royalties

If you play your personal CDs,Records or MP3s, you are supposed to pay royalties!

  • But you can buy "royalty free" music online. There are many sites. Do a search for "royalty free music" and make your own CDs.
  • These types of recording won’t feature the latest hits, which is fine. Remember, you are looking for music that creates the atmosphere you want.
  • There will most likely be a fee for each download, but believe me, it’s much cheaper than royalty fees!

As another option, play a radio. There are a few restrictions (see below) to keep from paying royalties, but once they’re met, you’ll have a good "no-cost" solution.

  • Your store must be less than 2000 sq. feet.
  • OR if your store is more than 2000 sq. feet, you must have fewer than 6 total speakers and no more than 4 of those can be in the same room.
  • AND you don’t charge admission to enter your store.

A third – and possibly the best – option is to use a Music Service. The advantages are:

  • Your music will be commercial-free.
  • You’ll have more control over your "sound environment".
  • You pay a minimal monthly fee – usually around $30 to $50 – and have a wide range of choices, from jazz to rock or country to pop.

Whatever you choose, the music you play should reflect your customers’ tastes and interests – not that of your sales staff. I really think that if you give music a try, you’ll see how "music magic" benefits your sales. You may be surprised.

Talk to you soon.   ~Norma

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