New Google Search Features

Source: The Seattle Times

is adding new features for people to search by image and something called Instant Pages to speed up websites that show up in search results.
The company talked about the new features at a news event in Mountain View Tuesday morning. While Google is the dominant search engine on the web, second-place competitor Microsoft Bing has been rolling out new features every couple of months.

Here is what the new features are about. 

Search by Image. Instead of searching with words, you can do a search by dragging an image over the Google search box. This works both with photos on the Web and with photos stored on your computer.
The feature builds in Google Goggles, which lets you snap a photo with a mobile phone camera and do a search on your phone.

I tried this today and it was not working for me, give it a try and see if you like it.
Google says it’s rolling out now in 40 languages.

The other new feature is called: 

Instant Pages. When you do a search on Google and click on the results, the website will show up faster because Google will preload the website as you search. This works on the next version of Google’s Web browser Chrome, which is now available in a beta test version.The Chrome browser competes with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox.

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