Dont Be Fooled By The Latest Malware Threat

Fake missing files problems.

Recently I have been called for help from customers (and friends) telling me that all of their files are gone.

After further review of their problem, it appears that this new malware is trying to trick people into "believing" that their files are gone to be able to pick their pockets to pay for "restoring" the seemingly missing files when in actuality the files have just been hidden.

If this happens to you, you will also most likely see an icon on your desktop that says something to the effect of "Windows Recovery" with a familiar looking "shield" icon.  Don’t get fooled, your files are still there.  There are a few tools available to be able to help you if you decide to try to fix this yourself.  Otherwise, turn off your PC, and unplug the power to be sure this malware does not infect other PC’s in your network and get your PC cleaned ASAP.

If you run into this problem, call the CCS Support Department at 800-672-4806 or email us.  We have the tools ready to get your PC (and files) back into operation.


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