Will Apps like SQUARE Replace Cash Registers?

CP Mobile – Will Apps like SQUARE Replace Cash Registers?

Many believe that applications like "Square" will not only replace wallets, but also cash registers as well.

"Square", a smart-phone payment application that was originally released in 2009, has recently revised it’s phone app for iPhone, Android, and iPad devices.  This updated application now allows the user to tap on the icon, check into a  store from  a list of nearby locations, and then take items to the register for payment.  The clerk then finds your name in the list and the payment is  automatically taken from your account, which is linked to your credit card.

With a "Square Register" iPad installed at a business, it no longer requires you to tap your phone against a scanner or swipe swipe your card through the previously used Square plastic card reader.  Once you signed up for this service,  you don’t need have a physical credit card present in order to use it. The iPad device also allows the merchant to  track both inventory and purchases. However, at this point, it’s not clear how comprehensive this part of the application is or if it will integrate with other POS applications.  

This type of "check-in" payment system has be compared to running a tab at a bar. As an example, with this service present, a customer could walk through your store picking and scanning items for payment as they went.

Along this line of developments, Radiant Systems plans to release a CounterPoint SQL update later this year called "CP Mobile" that will allow you to use mobile devices in order to do a similar kind of functionality, but that will be more robust  (especially on the in-house side of things).  However, the big difference here is that with CounterPoint SQL, your existing application software data will also integrate with the application. 

If you would like to know more about CP Mobile’s features, please contact CCS Retail Systems.

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