Why Choose CounterPoint – Part One

Over the next couple of weeks, I want to discuss your Return On Investment (ROI) when you use this product in your business. Today, lets review Inventory Management – a distinctly strong advantage of CounterPoint Point of Sale software.

Value Proposition
CounterPoint’s Merchandise Analysis Report is a powerful tool for tracking, classifying and ranking merchandise. It provides a high level view of your sales performance by item or by category. It allows you to identify fast and slow moving inventory, which is important to making better business decisions. The Purchasing Advice Report is designed to help you manage and control your purchases and receivings by utilizing functions such as Min/Max levels, days of replenishment and other options. It can also take into account seasonal differences.

ROI Example Using Inventory Management (Assume 1M in Annual Sales)
– The goal is to increase inventory "turns" from 3 times to 4 times, thus increasing revenue to 200K.
– Subtract 100K (cost of goods sold) plus 30K (lost through internal issues) for an additional 70K profit.
– Assume inventory in down by 33K x 30% carrying cost for goods, which equals 9,900K
– Total Profit Effect: + $79,900.

Plug in your own numbers to see how using this inventory management system can increase your bottom line.

Until next time ~ Norma

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