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RTM e-Newsletter, April 2011

Hello RTM User,

2011 is already shaping up to be a great year!  Our partners have been seeing increased sales, and are busy scheduling installations and upgrades.  Contact CCS Retail Systems to see how they can help you take advantage of the efficiency and automation our software offers. 

RTM Computer Solutions


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Tip of the Month – The Metered Equipment option is used to keep track of equipment that has any type of embedded counter.  Copiers, vehicles (mileage), and machines with hour meters (like lift trucks or boats) are examples of this type of item.  This add-on option allows entry of meter readings that can determine preventive maintenance schedules based on usage, and can help determine the health and age of the equipment to be serviced.  Companies that track usage can also generate periodic invoices based on the readings.  For example, office equipment dealers can supply copiers and printers to a site, and then bill monthly for the number and type of copies made.  Multiple levels of overage can be determined, allowing customized billing of different amounts for usage within various ranges.  Contact us to find out more!

Upcoming webinars – We will be presenting our software, including the new Passport SQL version of ServicePoint, in a series of Passport sponsored webinars.  A session will be held on April 13th, and another is scheduled for May 11th, 2011.  These presentations are scheduled for 12 PM Central time, 1 PM here on the East Coast.  For more information, or to register for the Passport events, contact Robin Forde at  Watch for news about our own series of webinars to be announced soon.

We Do Online Demonstrations! – We will walk you through every aspect of our software, with data tailored to fit your particular needs.  Give CCS a call at 800-672-4806 or contact if you are interested in setting up a personalized meeting.

Product News

ServicePoint – Our SQL based service management application, ServicePoint, is designed for seamless integration with CounterPoint SQL from Radiant Systems, Passport Business Solutions, and Great Plains Dynamics from Microsoft Business Solutions.  The latest fully functional ServicePoint demos are available for download on our web site at  Here’s what’s new in ServicePoint…

  • Passport SQL – We have completed the adaptation to allow ServicePoint to work with the new Passport SQL release!  This platform has been installed onsite and is performing beautifully.  Both PBS and ServicePoint benefit greatly from the underlying SQL database structure of the accounting files.
  • Updated reservation schedules – New scripts and procedures exist to implement rentals and schedules from CounterPoint tickets or orders.  The latest processing will allow schedules to be changed or cancelled from within CP, and will affect the reserved calendar item within ServicePoint immediately.  Great for delivery and installation scheduling, and for future reservations of rental items.
  • Support for prepaid blocks of time – ServicePoint will monitor time used in performing services against a prepaid block of time.  Any additional time used during a predetermined time period may then be billed as overage.
  • Industry-specific demo data – Below is list of the business types for which we already developed demonstration data for ServicePoint.  If you would like to have us create a dataset for your specific needs, please contact us and we will gladly create a demonstration based on your requirements.
    • Pool & Spa
    • Heating and Air
    • Bicycle shop
    • Computer and POS equipment
    • Lawn and Garden center
    • Vehicle maintenance
    • Commercial kitchen repair and Appliances
Accounting Platform Compatibility – Want to know what versions of our Software are compatible with various versions of accounting?  Take a look at the chart below.  Effective as of 04/12/11.  The latest compatibility information is always on our web site at


CounterPoint SQL 8.2.8 through 8.4.2

Passport Business Solutions, through version 12.  Recommend SQL option.

Great Plains Dynamics 7.5 through 10.0


CounterPoint v7.5, up through 7.5.18

Passport Business Solutions, through version 12

Great Plains Classic, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, and 9.1

PartSmart Interface

For use with CP SQL up through 8.4, and PartSmart v6


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