Good reasons to upgrade your Pervasive Database Software

Good reasons to upgrade your Pervasive Database Software

  • Enhanced file corruption recovery tools – The latest versions of the Pervasive Database software have enhanced support for recovering data in damaged files by going around severely corrupted records in a file.  In some cases this can mean the difference between losing just part of a damaged history file or the losing the whole thing.

  • Support for larger single file sizes – Older versions of Pervasive SQL have a maximum single file size limitation of 2 GB.  The latest version of Pervasive supports single files sizes up to 128 GB.  In CounterPoint version 7.5.X, the MicroFocus file handler that is currently used supports maximum single files sizes up to 4 GB. –  This means that by upgrading your Pervasive, it effectively doubles what previously allowed in earlier versions.  Depending on your sales volume, this could mean being able to retain  several more years of detailed history than you keep now.

  • Faster Read/Write and Indexing of data files – Reading and Writing of data is substantially faster, giving enhanced application software performance. File utilities also run faster, meaning that any file maintenance processes take less time.

  • Support for the newest operating SystemsPervasive Versions prior to Version 10 are not supported on the Windows 7 Operating System.  This means that if you want to add new Windows 7 Workstations to a server environment that has a version prior  to version 10, you’ll need to upgrade the server installation.  Although Pervasive supports writing data to file formats as far back as version 6.0, some application software programs will not allow you to use mixed versions of  clients programs in unison.  This means that you need to start thinking about doing some serious planning for some computer infrastructure changes now, rather than waiting until it becomes time critical. 

Please contact CCS Retails Systems for more information on the above, and/or to start planning your upgrade.

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