The Benefits Of Having A Hardware Firewall

The Benefits Of Having A Hardware Firewall

Most basic DSL modems, provided by telecom companies to small business, generally have a very limited firewall capability. Hacking and viruses are getting more sophisticated every day, and many of the newer viruses are designed to get through weakly protected systems.  Because of these types of issues, you may be inadvertently putting your business at risk by not having a more secure firewall in place.

CCS now has new sophisticated hardware firewalls available that can be put between your existing router or DSL modem, giving you greatly enhanced protection.

Just a few of the examples are:

  • You can set a myriad number in-bound/out-bound security policies.

  • Settings for remote access and routing can be secured down to the incoming I/P number, port,and or application.

  • You could pre-assign a single  I/P  or range of I/P’s that would be allowed through the firewall,using selected ports, and then have rules that would control the routing.  example (RDP):  MIS has access to any machine on the network, Ernie (only access to his PC), Nancy (Access to her PC, the Accounting PC, and Hub Server), etc.

  • You can schedule when access in/out is allowed.   example:   Social media sites blocked except during a companies normally scheduled lunch hour.

  • Some models use intelligent, heuristic blocking of bad URL’s and I/P’s. In this case, data is compiled by multiple firewalls internationally, which is uploaded to their manufacturers home office. This information can be set to automatically update your firewall.  This is similar to the way that an Anti-virus/Anti-Malware application works.

  • You can log combination of both good and bad activities whether this is be by I/P address, port, application, etc.

  • Wireless rogue access point detection – You can set trusted devices (i.e. anything else generates and alert). This allows for scheduled intrusion scans of set it to do continuously  24/7/365 scans.  

If you would like more information or pricing, please cal the CCS Retail Systems Sales Department.

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