Marketing Mistake #4 – Didn’t Hit It Out Of The Ballpark?

So far, we’ve discussed three mistakes that hamper a retail marketing plan:

   #1 – Buying products you like instead of focusing on what your customers want.
   #2 – Creating a marketing plan but not tracking the results, so not knowing if it was successful or not.
   #3 – You had a great idea. It was successful. You didn’t schedule it again. (One and done)

Mistake #4 is being disappointed if your effort isn’t a "home run". If you expect all your marketing to be home runs, you’re certain to be disappointed. So do you stop swinging the bat? Of course not.

Most marketing efforts will be singles. If your email doesn’t get a 60% to 70% response or your in-store event doesn’t produce customers beating down the door, you should still be out there swinging!

It will be the accumulation of many singles that will, in the end, win the game. Ask Joe Fan whether or not the team with the most home runs is the team that gets to the World Series. We know the answer and it’s no. If you don’t believe me, look it up!

Just keep hitting the singles. Some home runs may come but those singles are your bread and butter. Of course, if you do hit a home run, reread Mistake #3 and don’t repeat it!

Until next time ~ Norma

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