Be Aware of Smartphone Threats

In previous blogs, the benefits of smart phones for both personal and business use were presented. Despite the benefits, however, it’s important for individuals and businesses to recognize that the fun little phone they carry in their purse or on their belt loop can harbor many threats!

A tremendous amount of data can be stored on a smart phone—email, contacts, documents (either stored on phone or attached to emails) credit card numbers, pictures, medical information, and more. Not only are they a goldmine of information for potential hackers, but they can provide an access point into company networks!

Although the limited memory and processing power of most smart phones has made hacking into them difficult in the past, smart phone hackers are increasingly using “spear fishing” techniques to target individual users or companies. Since a spear fishing attack targets just one user, anti-virus companies may not even be aware of its existence. Anti-virus software is unlikely to be written for so many individual attacks.

The situation may seem hopeless, but there are actually many steps that you can take to protect the data on your smart phone. Look for these steps in my next blog! While you’re waiting, check out some of the other blogs on our website. There’s a wealth of information there that will help you improve the security and efficiency of your POS Software System.    


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