Windows 7/Vista Backup Utility

Now that Windows 7 has been out a while, and I have been using it, I have to admit that I like it.  After a year of use and abuse, it is still running strong, no problems what so ever.  It has many useful built-in tools, for example the ISO CD Image Writer without the need of a 3rd party software and a System Image creator that creates a complete image of your system when you backup your PC using the built-in backup tools.

Fortunately, I have not had to use any of my backups, but I have tested them to make they will work.  If I do need the image I found that it is a simple process to restore your system. Its as easy as booting off the original installation DVD or the a System Recovery disk that can be created with-in Windows 7.  Once in the boot environment, you would choose the "Restore from Image" option, point to where the image is, and let Windows do its thing.  Very easy to create and restore with Windows 7.

Previous versions of Windows (98,XP, 2003 Server) would not let you save a backup to a CD/DVD. It had to be to a file or a tape drive.  Starting with Vista, the built-in backup software allows you to backup to a CD or DVD among other media.  So there is no reason to not backup your system anymore.  This method is designed for recovering your OS and programs.   If you have extensive data you should consider creating a backup of that separately.

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-Bryan alt

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