Hosting Multiple OS: Live CD and USB OS

Ever want to try a different OS, but not lose everything on your PC.  Although these "Live" CD’s have been out for quite some time, you may never of heard of them.  What A Live CD does is let you run a different OS, directly off of the CD.  Nothing gets installed, no files are lost, you have Internet access, network access just like it was your only OS installed.  The best part, when your done, you reboot your PC with the CD in and your original OS is back up and running.

This is probably the best way to test out a different operating system, on your hardware, other than Windows.  Most flavors of Linux have some type of "Live CD" offering.  If you decide you like it better than what you are currently using, you may be able to install right from the "Live CD" itself. 

By using a Live CD, you will find out if all your hardware is compatible BEFORE you actually install.  For the most part, the OS will find all of your devices built into your PC,  I find that wireless network cards can be a little tricky sometimes.  Each Live CD offering will usually have a hardware compatibility list to check before you try or install, so be sure to check it out.

Live CD’s can also be used for other things.  There are some that allow you to run scans to clean up viruses, others allow you to repartition or clone your hard drive no matter what OS is installed.  Lately I have seen many "Live CD’s", turn into "Live USB" meaning that if your PC is capable of booting from a USB device, you can run the "Live" OS from a USB stick.

There are other ways to test or run other OS’s.  Creating a virtual machine or environment will allow you to run 2 or more OS’s simultaneously.  That means you can have Windows XP AND Linux running at the same time.  This can be a way to run your legacy applications but move on in all the other ways you need to as well.  Pretty neat if you ask me.

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