New Headset Software Could Make Office Land Lines History

New Headset Software Could Make Office Land Lines History.

With recent changes in Internet telephony technologies, software like Lync from Microsoft makes it possible for you to use the Internet and your computer to make phone calls.

Although microphones and speakers for computers have been around for a while, generally, using this technology has not worked well in medium to large sized business operations. However, recently a number of the major headset manufacturer’s, such as Plantronics, and Sennheiser, have come out with headsets and stations that are  compatible with many office systems, including ones from manufacturers such as Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft.

Plantronics has a wireless headset that allows you to manage incoming calls on a PC, desk, or mobile phone.

Sennheiser has a model that lets people communicate from as far away as 400 feet from their phone base station.

With these technology changes you will soon be able to many of the following things:

  • Set-up a conference call by simply dragging and dropping the names of co-workers across a screen.

  • Routing calls to a users extension or voice mail, by simply dragging and dropping the caller on hold to the designated user or extension. 

  • Mouse clicking on a customers name or phone number in a database, and have the computer dial the phone number automatically. 

  • Voice activated call dialing. 

  • While traveling with you computer stowed in your briefcase or baggage, when an incoming call is present, a background computer program is intelligent enough to know this, so it routes the call to your wireless headset automatically.  With this technology, you can toggle between the phone and the computer handling the call.

If you are interested in learning more about this upcoming technology, please contact CCS Retail Systems. 

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