Regarding Customer Appreciation

One of the items I purchased with a gift card after the holidays was a small ottoman for my living room. It was marked down to half price, so I thought it was a wonderful deal. The sales person was friendly and efficient, and went out of her way to find the item in another store because they were out of stock.

 A few days after the purchase, I received a phone call informing me that the ottoman was in the store and ready for pickup. A telephone number was left on my answering machine in case I had any questions. 

 I picked up the item at the catalog center where the clerk was again very pleasant. I left the store with a smile on my face.

 A week or so later, I was surprised to find a thank-you card in my mailbox from the sales person who sold me the ottoman. The store’s logo on the card said, “Thank you – because every day matters, every choice matters, and your choice was us!” A hand-written note inside said, “I hope you are enjoying your new ottoman!” Included was the sales person’s business card. Now that’s what I consider great customer service! Will I return to this store for future purchases? You know I will!

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