It’s Trade Show Time – Make The Most Of It

Whether you love or hate trade shows, they should be an important event as a store owner or manager. You’ll see new products, renew old friendships, learn about industry trends and develop a network of professional colleagues.

Trade shows are like so many things – how much you get out of them depends on how much you put into them. Below are a few ideas about how to get the most from your trade show.

Get Prepared  Go with a plan. Be organized, focused and ready to work the show like a pro!
   – Review last year’s sales statistics. Information from the past helps you make will-informed decisions about the future.
    – Analyze what worked last year – what didn’t – and why. Decide which categories are opportunities for next year. 
    – Talk to your sales staff and your best customers about what kinds of new merchandise they’d like to see in your store.

Know Where to Go 
    – Get a map of the show floor layout and find all the vendors you want to spend extra time with.
    – Plan your route.
    – Decide how much of the show you need to see each day and plan accordingly. Don’t end up with 3 hours before closing to see the last half of the show!

Appointments Save Time
    – Make appointments ahead of time with your top vendors so you don’t wast time waiting until they’re free.
    –  Make a list (in writing) about what you want to discuss with each vendor – maybe improved terms, or items you would like to see them add or change for the future or packaging concerns. Whatever you think they could do to help you and ultimately themselves is fair game.

These ideas should make your trade show experience a rewarding start to the new sales year.

Until next time  –  Norma


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