Data Security – Let’s Be Safe

Yes, I know. By now you have probably seen dozens of articles on guarding your company’s and your customers’ information but it definitely bears repeating.

First and foremost, are you running a PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) certified Point of Sale system? Big or small, credit card companies require every merchant to comply with these standards. The only exception is if you do NOT take credit cards.

Having certified software is only the first step. If you are not already doing so, you must also take the following steps as a starting point.

Secure your network and system environments
– Install and manage a commercial grade firewall. Better yet, have a technical support person do this for you. They will know the settings that will protect you without disrupting your flow of business.
– Remove default user names and passwords. Confirm that you’re removing defaults, not active users.
– Keep Antivirus and Operating System patches current.

Protect sensitive data
– Use ONLY PCI-DSS validated POS software. You can see a list on Visa’s WEB site. Check for yours.
– Once you know you’re using certified software, the next step is to give EACH user a unique ID. If you’re using non-compliant software, don’t waste time. Replace it ASAP. (CCS can help you with this).

Implement security policies
– Monitor and test networks
– Restrict physical access
– Execute employee security training.

There are many more security measures that must be taken. You can find a complete list at

If you don’t have your own IT person on staff, it’s money well spent to have a certified technician take care of things. We can help you do that too. Our certified techs work with these security issues every day.

We also install and support CounterPoint software – a very strong Point of Sale program that is completely compliant with all security requirements.

If you have questions, contact CCS Sales.

Until next time – Norma

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