Consumer Technology Trends for 2011

Fast-growing trends like mobile commerce and social retailing have shown us that it’s very important for businesses to be informed early on about what’s new that will transform retailing.  RSI (Retail Info Systems News) recently suggested several top trends to watch for in 2011. Some of these are listed below; others will follow in subsequent blogs.

  • Decline of the Cash Register – Retailers will be able to provide more personalized service to customers by adopting mobile payment systems. Salespeople will be able to take a customer completely through a transaction. Stored data may even be utilized.
  • Digital Etiquette – There will be a greater demand for rules of etiquette for those with unbridled addiction to digital habits such as texting.  Already we have a law against texting while driving, and signs posted in doctors’ offices to turn off cell phones during visitations. Digital decorum is needed in many public places.
  • F-Commerce – Allowing visitors to shop without leaving the Facebook site is a trend that’s expected to really take off in the year 2011. Some brands are already doing this, adding social influence to the transaction and bringing a concrete return on investment to social media.
  • Virtual Mirrors – Imagine being able to test out clothing styles or makeup on you own image captured by a camera and displayed on a screen! Macy’s, for one, is trying out virtual mirrors in its New York store.
  • mHealth – Improved health care through the use of mobile health applications will change the way doctors and patients interact. Smartphones, for example, can be used by doctors to access a patient’s medical history.

 Keeping informed allows you to reap the benefits of change. Keep reading our blogs for more information about trends to watch for.

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