CPSQL – Why The Year End Closing Process Is Important

CPSQL – Why The Year End Closing Process Is Important

I had a recent support encounter that points out the importance making sure that CPSQL Year End Processing steps are followed.

A customer called to explain that the were getting a non-specific Point of Sale End of Day Posting error.  Some of the specific were: 

  • The daily tickets involved were not being posted and all of the tickets were being moved into a new "Reconciled" Drawer Session.

  • The Ticket Edit List was clearly indicating that ALL of the tickets from the last (4) four business days were still open and that the data showed no visible signs of corruption.

  • The situation had been ongoing for the last four days and no one had brought this up with the business owner

    Note:  This probably had something to do with why the owners wife told him that he was closing that night instead of her.  This was NOT something that he normally did, so he was a bit confused by the entire process from the start.

On auditing the various posting registers and event logs, this issue was determined to be due to the fact that the system configuration had been set to validate transaction dates based on a 2009 Calendar, not
2011 (as it should have been).

By default, CP SQL is set-up to only allow transactions to be posted within both the current year, and periods referenced in the Company Information area.  Additionally, the system can also be set to allow selected groups of users to post transactions in both in the previous year and/or next year.  The resolution involved adjusting the configuration for the correct calendar year..

If you have questions or concerns about setting-up and using the CP SQL System Calendars, or questions about proper closing procedures, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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