Inventory in various units

Many business purchase in large units, and then break them down and sell in smaller units.  For example, you may purchase items by the case, and then sell them by the individual cans.

Counterpoint is capable of handling these conversions for you.  This reduces the chance for error.  If someone orders 24 of an item, intending to buy a case of 24 cans, your vendor may ship 24 cases (or 576 cans).  This is a common error if everyone in your business thinks in terms of "cans" and not "cases".  This can be a huge error.  One company I know of, recently did this to the tune of $20,000 in an over purchased item.

By properly setting up the various item units, you can order "24 cans" when you enter the purchase request, and the purchase order for your vendor will show a request for "1 case".  It does not eliminate the possibility of a human error in the purchasing process, but it does greatly reduce one of the common ones.

Contact CCS Retail Support to get help with your system conversion configurations.   We recommend you use your test company to make sure you fully understand how your conversions work in Inventory, POS, and Purchasing.

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