If you are using Counterpoint for your point-of-sale system, then you can easily setup an ecommerce site, also known as an on-line store.

Radiant Systems has the CPOnline product, that is made to work with Counterpoint.  Both the new CP-SQL, and the older Version 7.

With CPOnline, you do an initial on-line setup of the options you want to use in your store.  This setup is straight forward, and only takes a few minutes.  After the on-line setup, there is a small bit of setup to do in Counterpoint.  Between these two setups, you configure how you want to handle credit cards, out-of-stock items, shipping charges and methods, etc.

Once the basic setup is finished, you select the items that you have on file want to offer on-line.  Then you publish the items to your on-line store.

Customer orders are imported back into Counterpoint, which automatically creates orders in your ticket entry module.  When you release these orders as you ship your products to your customers, the orders are turned into tickets, just like the ones created for the customers that walk in your door.  The updated information is published back to CPOnline, and the customer gets email updates when their product has been shipped, or any status change such as being back ordered.

The day-to-day process of importing the orders, releasing and shipping them, and publishing the updates back to CPOnline, is all menu driven, and straight forward.  It will probably take longer to prepare and box the order for shipment, than it will to import, release, and publish the updates for the order.

This is a good way for the small business owner to get into on-line sales, without having to maintain their own web server.

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