Do I need to install the 2010 Year End Payroll Update?

Do I need to install the 2010 Year End Payroll Update?


There are Payroll updates for all of the various flavors of Payroll Programs that CCS supports.  Some specific changes that will affect most Payroll users are: 

For Passport Users.

Users who are current on the PUP (Passport Update Program) will be able to download and install the 2010 Year End Updates.  Passport has released the PBS 12.00.08 Update which includes the 2010 Year End Changes and the 11.8 Year End Update. The version 11.8 update requires that you be on version in order to install it.

Also new with version 12.00.08 is that the software includes data file encryption of Social Security Numbers,  plus masking of Social Security Numbers in view screens, and reports,  All of these are good reasons for upgrading your Passport to version 12.00.08.

For RealWorld Classic and Payroll For CounterPoint users.

Updates are available for following versions:

Version          DOS/Windows     UNIX

9.0 & 9.1                 x                   x

8.4, 8.5 & 8.6          x                   x

8.01, 8.02 & 8.03     x                  x

CP Payroll              x                   x 

RealWorld Changes to Note for Tax Year 2010:

New W-2 Box 12 Code "CC" HIRE Act wages Form W-2 reporting has revised Box 12 to include a new Code "CC" for reporting all HIRE Act wages and tips for 2010.  

New Employer SS exempt payroll calculation. – To clearly track HIRE Act or any wages NOT subject to the Employer portion of Social Security tax, payroll calculations were modified to track such exemptions. A new flag was added in the Employee record to indicate if a specific employee’s wages are subject to
Employer SS tax withholding. Field 21 "Soc security exempt?" was modified to allow an additional option of "Employer exempt from SS tax." Wages are thus calculated and posted accordingly.
Revised Payroll 941 Report – New in 2010 is a modified 941 Quarterly Payroll Report.  In conjunction with new Federal 941 Quarterly reporting of HIRE Act wages, the Payroll 941"Brief" Report has been modified to include total HIRE Act wages for the quarter. 

New Form W-3 layout – The Form W-3 Transmittal Statement was revised to include a new Box 12b "HIRE exempt wages and tips". Box 12 was divided into two boxes, 12a Deferred compensation and 12b HIRE exempt wages. W-2 print processing will include the new layout for printing of Form W-3. 
W-2 Magnetic Media Reporting Changes – Specific Magnetic W-2 record changes, including Employee and Total record fields, were added for 2010 HIRE Act exempt wages and tips. These changes affect all Electronic W-2 reporters. 
1099 Magnetic Media Reporting Changes – Specific Magnetic 1099 record changes including Payer, Payee and Transmitter field changes, were updated for 2010. Specific records were also incremented to update the four-digit reporting year from 2009 to 2010. These changes affect all Electronic 1099 reporters. 
Revised SS# Validation for 2010 – All W-2 processing programs were updated with current Social Security Number validation checks for 2010. 
Employee SS# Validation Report Updated – The Employee Social Security Number Validation Report has been updated with current valid SS number ranges for 2010. Based on allocated Social Security numbers issued by the SSA, this report enables employers to quickly verify the authenticity of employee social security numbers. 

Please contact the CCS Retail Systems Sales Department to order your RealWorld update.

For assistance with upgrading or installing your updates, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.


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