Wireless security

With the popularity of wireless, and wi-fi hotspots, a word of caution is needed.  There are many readily available wi-fi "sniffers" available, and in use.

A "sniffer" monitors a network, and grabs packets that are being sent.  Since wi-fi is broadcast over the air, anyone with a wireless adapter, and sniffer software, can be listening to your laptop communicating to your server, or anywhere else for that matter.

You should always use a secured connection for such communications, for example SSH, or HTTPS.  These will encrypt the packets being sent, and received, so even if they are sniffed, the information in them is not accessible.  Using unencrypted connections, such as telnet, or http, allows any intercepted packets to be examined and the information in them is readily accessible.  If your telnet session is intercepted, for example, the user name and password that you used is sent in plain text, and easily found in the intercepted packets.

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