Dying Technologies

We’ve heard the expression many times that “The only thing that doesn’t change is change itself.”  That’s certainly true of technology.  Sometimes it seems that even before we master usage of a product it becomes obsolete!

In my lifetime I have seen the demise of a mind-boggling number of “modern conveniences.”  The wringer washing machine, analog telephones, coal furnaces, the typewriter, Super8/8mm cameras, slide projectors, Betamax, VHS format, the phonograph and vinyl records, both reel-to-reel and cassette tape recorders, transistor radios, and the Walkman – all either evolved or faded into history

What technologies are now considered to be “endangered?”  Here’s a partial list from Bloomberg Businessweek

  1. Combustion engines

  2. Consumer video cameras

  3. Credit Cards

  4. Desktop (tower) PC’s

  5. DVD’s

  6. Digital music players

  7. Fax machines

  8. Pagers

  9. Dash-mounted GPS Systems

  10. Landline telephones

  11. Point-and-shoot digital cameras

  12. Remote controls

  13. USB memory sticks

  14. Keys

  15. Game consoles

 These technologies may die, but there are others that may emerge. Examples are 3-D printing, mobile robots, and “human augmentation” technologies that help people function better.  These represent some of the products of the future.

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