Its Practice Company Time.

Are you going to be hiring temporary workers this holiday season?  Do you have current employees that don’t usually ring up customers work the cash registers?

If so, a practice company would be a great idea to help train your staff.  By having a practice company, users can make all the mistakes they want and not affect your live data.  The system will look and perform just as if you were in the live company.  You will be able ring up customers, take returns, simulate a credit or debit transaction, do receiving, Po’s, etc just as if you were working with live data and customers. 

There are other benefits of a practice company as well:

  • being able to use it through out the year to train new employees

  • see what a change in the setup or turning on an option does and how it affects other aspects of the software.

If you are interested in setting up a practice company in either CounterPoint V7 or in CPSQL, give the CCS Retail Systems Support Department a call at 800-672-4806 or email_us.  I recommend getting help with your practice company.  Improper setups can cause problems.  For example, if improperly setup, live Credit Card transaction could be run by accident.  They could be hard to reverse afterwards.

-Bryan alt

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