Intel Is looking For Feedback

Adapted from an article from KOMO NEWS

How would you feel about buying a PC where you could pay extra down the road to upgrade your processor without ever opening up the case or buying a new PC.  That is what Intel, the worlds largest chip maker may try.

"Intel is exploring a way to give customers the flexibility to determine the level of performance they want in their processor, without having to change hardware," Intel said in a statement.

People upgrade lots of things on their computers, but most typically won’t swap out the microprocessor, which acts as a PC’s "brain." For Intel, the business model could provide an extra revenue stream., It costs very little to include a better chip.

To me its like buying a car with a V8 and only getting a 4-cylinder until I pay extra for the dealer to "unleash" the other 4 cylinders, I do see that this could be useful though, especially in  business environment.  Say your software’s minimum requirements allows for a slower processor, but an upgrade down the road requires a little more.  Instead of having  to buy a whole new PC, transfer files, re-install software, you could just pay a little extra to get the needed requirements.  This isn’t a new idea, most free software works like this.  The free software allows you to use the features it has in a limited way, were as the "pay for" version gives full functionality.

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