When Leasing Makes Sense

Current Economic Times are Tough:

  • Sales are down.

  • Money is tight.

  • Bank credit is tough to get.

  • You should replace outdated equipment but purchases have been put on hold.


Conserving Capital:
     Equipment can be acquired without depleting capital. Productive assets can be obtained to help earn profits for your business.

New Line-Of-Credit:
     lease-line can be viewed as another line-of-credit which does not impact a company’s existing bank credit arrangements.

Fixed Rate Financing:
     payment’s are fixed at the beginning of the lease for the entire term. Fluctuations in market rates have no impact.

Full 100% Financing:
     usually, no down payment is required on a lease. And the lease is not limited to "equipment only". It can include hardware, software, training, installation and programming, service and support, and many other needed components.

Tax and Accounting Considerations:
     Lease payments are usually fully deductible expenses over the term of the lease, and many times provide a quicker cost recovery than is possible with the depreciation of a purchased asset.

CCS can provide you with contact information for a leasing company that is familiar with Radiant hardware and CounterPoint software. Right now, they are offering interest rates below the current market.

Run the numbers. Keep assets current. Replace what is needed to help the bottom line.  Contact us to discuss this further.

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