What Makes a Customer Stop Doing Business with You?

This weekend I returned, after a very long absence, to a large grocery store that used to be my favorite place to shop. They carry some of my favorite brands, I like the way the store is arranged, and I especially like their meat selections. Although I had previously shopped there weekly for over twenty years, and probably spent thousands of dollars, I have not been on the premises for at least five years, even though the store is the closest one to my home.

 What prompted me to start shopping elsewhere? The main reason was that my favorite checker retired, and she was replaced with a “snarly” person who had difficulty mustering a smile, much less exchange pleasantries. I am not an especially “chatty” person, but I like it when people use my name, make eye contact with me and say “hello.”

Oh, I know that I could have gone to another checker. I tried that, but it seemed that the “snarly” person had infected the other checkers as well! When I said credit instead of debit when I was using my card one day and tried to correct my mistake, I was asked, “Well, which is it, lady?” I assumed, therefore, that I was not an important (or even welcome!) customer, so I started shopping elsewhere.

This weekend, I was looking for a hard-to-find spice that I remember buying in that store in the past. I thought to myself, “Well, I’ll give them another chance.” Unfortunately, things have not changed much, so I’ll continue shopping elsewhere.

The store is still in business, but I’ve read that their business is declining. I wonder why? Never underestimate the importance of good customer service.  The success of your business depends on it! 

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