Your Contact Telephone Number Is Important

When I answer a call for technical support from a customer, I am often told that the tech “knows my number.” Perhaps he does, but it may not be where it can be quickly retrieved for a fast call-back. Not only that, but in today’s world, phone calls are made to us from cell phones, residences, corporate offices, and branch offices.

 It is understandable that people don’t want to take time for details when their “hair is on fire.” Also, many people tell me that they don’t remember their cell phone number because they never call themselves! 

 I had a person ask me last week why I hadn’t memorized her number. I think she was kidding,  but we have many, many customers, and there are just too many numbers for me to know them all. remember that most cell phones have a ,y number feature that shows your number on message list screens and many other places.

 If a return call is expected when the tech is not immediately available, it is imperative that the telephone number and contact person’s name is provided when the support call is made. You might also check out our website for a convenient form for emailing or faxing service requests. 

 Our goal at CCS is to supply you with good customer service to resolve your problem in the fastest way possible. Having accurate contact names and numbers available to us helps us to serve you better.


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