Is the Newest neccessarily the Best?

I talk to customers every week who want to know when CounterPoint will run under Windows 7.  The good news is that CPSQL 8.3.9 and CPv7.5.17 & 7.5.18 are now certified to run under Windows 7. CP7 will only run on the 32-bit release.   Since there are a couple 3rd party products that have known issues, before you move forward be sure and talk to us here at CCS.

But the real question is – do you want to be on the “Bleeding” Edge of Technology?  While Windows 7 has fewer problems then Vista, it’s still a fairly new product.  As Retailers, most of you are not trying to have the newest, most technologically advanced systems.   Your objective is to run a retail business.  Getting customers through the check-outs is probably top on your list!    Windows XP is still a product that will do that for you in a reliable and predictable manner.  

If you need hardware replacements, we can get systems for you that have a Windows 7 license but allow you to downgrade to Windows XP.  This will give you the security of knowing the system works now under XP.  You also have a licence for Windows 7 and a machine that will run it when you are ready to move forward. 

Technology is constantly changing.  While my mantra some days is “Change is Good”, we all need to take a step back sometimes and say “Why are we making this change?”.

Have a great weekend.

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