Fraud Often Starts From Within

With the security features added to retail software packages by responsible software companies in recent years, we have come a long way in how we protect our customers from identity theft and stolen credit card information.

But what about fraud from within? How do you protect against that? 

Now, Radiant Retail Systems provides a solution for companies using their CounterPoint SQL Point of Sale software. That solution is called Smart Alerts. It is a real-time notification service that allows you (or a manager) to monitor operations at all times. It provides timely, actionable alerts directly to your cell phone or via email.

At end of day, when you check your x-tapes, do you see excessive price overrides, return transactions, voided tickets, No Sale transactions or other red flags? These are things that can point to possible trouble points. The problem is that you’re seeing these trouble points after the fact. With Smart Alerts you are notified immediately and can take immediate action.

Set up Smart Alerts with parameters that fit your business. For example: "Send an alert if there are x price overrides in x amount of time". You will then receive a message like There have been price overrides performed by at the

store in the last minutes.

For more information, contact me at Not using CounterPoint SQL? I can help you with that too. 

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