Connecting With Your Customers

Excerpted from The Retail Mastery System Author Bob Negen

It’s important to connect with your customers in a way that only independent retailers can do well – by delivering personalized service. Phone calls are a great way to do this. They’re more personal than email and allows you to express yourself simply by using the tone of your voice. When and why should you call?

Follow Up After a Sale
Call a customer to find out how they liked their purchase. It lets them know you care about their satisfaction and reinforces a good buying decision. Let them know you are available and willing to help any time.

Remind Them You’re Around
You know the old saying, "out of sight, out of mind"? Don’t let it happen to you.

There are many possible reasons to call your customers and remind them to visit you. Call customers who have purchased particular types of products when you receive new, similar merchandise. Call to let them know about classes you’re offering or special events that are happening. Call to tell them about a new in-store contest you’re running. Think about what’s unique to your business that you can tell them. "What’s in it for them" is always a good place to start.

Simply Say "Thank You"
Of course, one of the nicest reasons to call is simply to say thank you for being a great customer. No selling, no inviting, just a call of appreciation. Download a list of your top 100 customers from last year and start dialing…

No matter what your business or service, taking the time to make a personal phone call is a great way to show your customers that you care.

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