Power For Rock Bands and Computers.

Power For Rock Bands and Computers.

A recent neighborhood experience reminds me of  the need tor re-evaluate ones power needs before a situation turns critical.

Recently, a neighbor built a performance stage in his backyard specifically for a local Rock band to play at his sons high school graduation party. However, no provision was made for the power requirements for the
bands equipment, which initially was all plugged into one 20 AMP household circuit.  At concert time, as soon that the band started into their first set, the power load tripped the circuit breaker stopping the show.

Like this band incident, proper power configuration can be as critical for your gig as well as is was for the band.  Some indications that you may have power issues are:

  • Peripheral Equipment is continually dying at a greater than normal frequency, and needs to be replaced often.

  • When the power fluctuates, computers start behaving erratically, and/or peripheral devices malfunction.

  • As equipment is added, staff is continually daisy-chaining power strips in order to  provide power to the new equipment.

  • Someone plugs-in a high amp item such as a Vacuum Cleaner, Pressure Washer, or appliance in another area of the building, and your equipment crashes.

Ideally, computer equipment should be on a separate power circuit than the lights, or other appliances.  Also, you should have a UPS for each physical computer, and it most critical  components such as Modems, Pole Display, Credit/Debit Card Terminals, etc.

If you are unsure of your power needs, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department to schedule an evaluation.

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