Updating Your CounterPoint Software

Have you updated your CounterPoint software lately?  If you have not, you should to get the latest security updates and new feature that have been added.

Before updating your system you should read the release notes and the documentation to see what is going to change and what the recommended steps are.  You may need to do backups, file conversions, add files, and set new configuration fields,  as well as loading software. Depending on the version you are updating, there may be a lot that is changing.  These are most often security updates, new features, corrections, or moving functions and menu options to different places.  Most things will work as before and look the same, they may have expanded functions that give you more of the information that you are looking for.

I recently updated a customer that was about 6 versions back of the the latest version.  CCS never minds being asked questions, helping to find moved options.  However this customer called numerous times about what’s changed, does it now have this feature, where can I find a report that gives me  this information, etc.  It is good advice to remind you that support calls and emails can be expensive.  In this case almost every question that was asked was covered in the new documentation.  They may have avoided some cost by looking through this first.

As with just about all of our customers, we setup a practice or training company for you to see exactly what will happen if an option is turned on or off.  You can decide if the outcome of the change is what you expected, to ensure you want to enable it in your Live company data.  We encourage you to experiment with data that is close to your planned transactions to avoid problems in your live database.

Support time is a valuable resource to your company..  It would be more prudent to use support time on those tough problems that the documentation does not cover clearly.  At the end of the month, would you rather see support time spent on "Where can I find report ABCD" or "Helping implementing a feature" that you have wanted to use when it its properly setup?  Reading documentation is not fun, I know, but saving support time for critical issues will benefit your company in the long run.

In summary, updating your software is important, reviewing documentation is important, as is having a practice/training company.  To update your software, create or update your training company, or ask some system questions, give the CCS Support Department a call @ 800-672-4806 or send us an email.

-Bryan alt

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