Are Dust Bunnies Getting You down?

Are Dust Bunnies Getting You down?

Yes folks, it’s that time of the year again in the Northwest!

As the spring temperatures ratchet-up up to summer extremes, it’s only a matter of time before computers start feeling the reeling effects of the heat…

As a general rule, ALL Servers, Registers, and Workstations should  be checked for AT LEAST once annually for build-up of dust and dirt in the intakes and internal components.  If a computer is deemed to
be in a hostile environment, the process should be done semi-annually, or quarterly.

Extreme heat is a real energy stealer, and can be prematurely shorten the like of your computer.  Some examples of this are:

  • Power supply fan intakes can become clogged, causing both the fan and power supply to overheat.  Overheated computers can lock-up causing both extended downtime and data loss.

  • CPU Fans and Heat Sink Vanes can become clogged,  frying the CPU, Motherboard and/or and start a fire in the computer.  This not only puts the computer at risk, but your entire business as well.

  • Dirt and dust in removable media such as Tape Drives, CD ROM/DVD drives may render them unusable and may permanently damage the media itself. If you need to recover from backup media, you may end up having no recovery options at a time when it is most needed.

Preventative maintenance pays the dividend of actually lowering your stress and reducing your overall long term support bills.

Please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department to schedule your next cleaning service.

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