Future POS Software Technology – Part 1

One of the frustrations involved in trying to get through a checkout lane quickly is the time it takes for a customer to fumble through purse or pockets for cash, debit card, credit card, loyalty card, or other cards needed for the purchase.  The cashier is standing there waiting, while the other customers in line are becoming impatient.  Then, after the purchase has been made, a reversal of the process takes place.  The change or cards must go back to the purse or pockets before the customer will pick up the package and leave.

Does this sound familiar?  How many times have you wondered if there will ever be a way around this annoying process?  Well, it might surprise you to know that a new technology that addresses this issue is already being used by a few select POS retailers in the UK and will undoubtedly be expanded worldwide in the near future.

The name of the technology is Biometrics, and it is used in conjunction with self checkouts.  Customers press their finger on the fingertip scanner, and then the purchase is automatically charged to their store accounts or credit cards on file.  There is no need to present a card, and the checkout is faster and less cumbersome.

Biometrics can also be used by cashiers to log into their Point of Sale System.  This reduces theft, as others are not able to access a register without the fingertip scan.  Tracking of errors to a particular cashier is another useful benefit.

Technology is changing the retail industry dramatically.  Be sure to read my next blog for another example of how this is happening.

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