The New P1515 From Radiant Systems

Radiant has officially released the new P1515 POS terminal!

The Radiant P1515 Point-of-Sale is the newest member in the Radiant Systems family of open retail platforms. The terminal utilizes Intel’s ATOM processor, 945GSE chipset. The highly efficient ATOM processor offers great performance, but with lower power consumption for a more reliable design.

Open Platform Highlights
o Standard Intel Architecture
o Industry standard storage (Hard drive or uSSD), DDR2 memory, and USB/RS232 connectivity
o Multiple operating systems including Windows Embedded Standard and Windows Embedded POS Ready
o OPOS drivers available

The countertop enclosure provides many benefits, including a small footprint and multiple mounting options. The cable management system provides for ease of installation, controlled access to connectors, and concealed cable routing for better reliability. This all-in-one solution provides very tight integration of core point-of-sale hardware including a touch screen, magnetic stripe reader, and much more. This package includes a 15” active matrix, color, 1024X768 main display with a resistive touch screen. The 15” display is a 56% increase in surface area over the 12” models which allows for faster transactions due to less toggling between application screens, more application design flexibility, and better resolution. The bright active matrix screen provides the best possible display quality, with excellent contrast and brightness.

The P1515 resistive touch screen provides a very durable, accurate, and fast touch interface even with a gloved hand or stylus.
The P1515 offers several connectivity options including two RJ12, two DB9, four USB, and one dedicated cash drawer port. This provides expansion capabilities if new devices/peripherals need to be supported without having to buy an add-on expander. Also, the powered serial ports eliminate the need for power bricks, thereby reducing another point of potential failure.

The retail hardened design offers a spill resistant, high impact enclosure that is built to withstand tough in-store conditions with continuous operation. The fanless configuration increases reliability by preventing forced air through the unit, thereby reducing contaminants in the system. The P1515 can be configured as a silent, thin-client, fanless, solid-state terminal for maximum reliability.
The P1515 supports multiple operating systems including Windows Embedded Standard and Windows Embedded POS Ready. The P1515 provides full support for TCP/IP networking on a 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet network.

Product Stability.
By using Intel’s embedded processor family, the P1515 offers

guaranteed product stability for many years unlike traditional consumer desktop and mobile PCs that have short processor life spans of only a few months. This benefit provides a consistent configuration which is critical for rollouts that might last several years.

Features and Benefits

Intel Atom N270 (1.6Ghz)
Fast performance, very low power, and support for multiple operating systems. Long lifecycle commitment from Intel.

Intel 945GSE Chipset
Fast, high-bandwidth 533mhz front-side bus. Supports dual, independent video displays, USB 2.0, and up to 2 GB of 400/533 MHz DDR2 system memory. Intel® DVMT 3.0 supports up to 224 MB shared video memory.

Radiant countertop enclosure
Fully integrated, low-profile, water and tamper resistant housing for high functional retail interaction

CableStrap™ System
Cable management system that uses a cable strap to secure cable connections for better reliability

Dual-Bulb, Active Matrix, XGA LCD primary display
Excellent brightness, contrast, and color depth. Enables the proper display of high-quality graphics to ease use and decrease training time for retail employees or to directly engage the consumer

Software-adjustable brightness and contrast control for main display
Better display characteristics for user as well as significantly increased bulb life for main display

Integrated resistive touch screen controller
Resistive screen offers low-cost option with superb ease of use. Can be used with instruments other than fingertip, very high durability, does not “drift” over time.

Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)
Integrated 3-Track encrypted MSR for credit and loyalty cards.

3.5” Hard Drive or Flash Storage options
3.5” large capacity 160GB hard drive for high reliability and greater mass storage or solid-state disk drives.

System Management features
Supports ACPI, SMBIOS, DMI, SNMP, WfM, and PXE. Also supports metering, remote desktop, remote execution, BIOS update, system inventory and asset management.

4 serial ports (2 RJ12 powered and 2 DB9 non-powered)
Provides data I/O with any RS-232 peripheral and power, minimizing failure points

4 USB 2.0 ports
Provides data I/O with any USB peripheral. Fast data rates with USB 2.0 at 480 Mbps

1 Dedicated Cash Drawer Ports (RJ9 12v)
Provides port for direct drive cash drawers (12 volt)


1 DVI port
Provides port for second display (digital or analog)

If you would like more information or pricing on the new P1515, or any other Radiant Systems hardware or software, email the CCS Retail Systems Sales Team or call 800-672-4806.

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