Customizing your computer forms

Would you like your invoices, purchase orders, and other forms, to look more professional?  One technique is to add images.  With CounterPoint It is possible to have your forms print your logo, and other images that have a positive impact.  This can save you printing costs by reducing the setup and color requirements that would otherwise be required at your forms company. With correct setup and tuning your printing speeds can be maintained.

If you are using a UNIX/Linux system, the tools to do this are already on your system, or can be loaded.  If you are on a Windows system, you may need to purchase additional software. In both cases, you would print your document, invoice, purchase order, etc., to your printer, just as you do now.  Your system will now automatically add your letterhead and other images.

For help in the setup and use of the tools and configurations needed, call or email us.



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