Reducing Application software vulnerable

The number of security risks in operating systems has been decreasing.  If you have been installing updates and patches to your operating systems, as you should be, they have been getting more secure.

However, the number of security holes in application software has been on the increase.  Adobe, instant messaging, office applications, and many others have all had major security holes exposed recently.

This points out the need to make sure that you are keeping your applications updated, as well as your operating system.  It does not do any good, to have a fully patched operating system, and unpatched applications that are potentially a back door into your system.

This points out the need to evaluate the software that you have installed to determine if you really need it.  Any software that is not necessary, should be removed.  Having the minimum number of programs reduces the possible security risks.   It also makes it easier to keep up on updates and patches.

If you are not sure what the programs on your systems are doing there are a few ways to determine this.   For utilities you may be able to use your browser and search engine to find a description.  This will normally be enough information.  If it is not try emailing the vendor for more help.  For your CounterPoint applications look at the online help and other documentation.  If this is not clear call or email CCS we can help you.

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