New Virus Alert!!!!

There is a new virus/malware out that could cause problems with your emails.  Once your PC is infected it will send out tons of spam messages that will more than likely get your company or home PC’s "black-listed" for sending spam.  Being black-listed is not the end of the world but it will keep you from sending emails.  Your emails will be returned because your Internet address is put on a list (The Black List) that email servers check to make sure you are not a spammer.  Once on the black-list you will need to make sure your PC is clean and visit the site that blacklisted you and follow the steps they require to have your IP or mail server removed from the black-list.

The file name of this new virus is "netuza32.exe" and is usually located in your start-up folder (i.e. C:\documents and settings\programs\startup). As with most virus/malware it is possible that the name and/or location might change.  After deleting the file, updated scanning tools must be run to get the rest of the malware removed.  Just deleting the file will NOT clean your PC.

If the scanning does not find any other infections or files, you will probably need to take your PC to a professional to complete the cleaning.  If your PC is not completely clean, with the next reboot you will notice the the "netuza32.exe" file is back sending spam once again.  Since this virus/malware is fairly new, it may take a couple of days for all the AV/Spyware makers to update their virus patterns to detect and remove this threat.

If you think you are infected, remove your PC from the network ASAP and start cleaning or call the CCS Retail System Support Department @ 800 672 4806 or email me to discuss either picking up your machine or help removing this pest.

-Bryan alt

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