What are the Remove lines without headers utilities for?

CP 7.5.X – What are the O/E and POS – Remove lines without headers utilities for?

These utilities have been around for awhile, and were originally designed to remove uncleared Order Entry and Point of Sale lines that no longer have any corresponding document header records on file.The utilities original design intent was to allow end-users to remove orphaned order and ticket lines that could be giving bogus item Quantity Committed record indications.

This situation could have been caused by a number of issues over time, including the following:

  • Power Failure.

  • Hardware Crashes.

  • Network disconnections.

  • End-users locking and rebooting their workstations.

  • Users canceling the POS End of Day or Order Entry posting process. 

These utilities are normally run prior to running the "Recalculate Inventory Quantities" utility.

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned problems, or if you are having difficulty getting one of these utilities to run, please call the CCS Retail Systems Support Department for assistance.

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